The growing trend of fitness and exercise all over the world has also become an incredible source of income for the sports industry. This increase makes itself felt more during the epidemic days when we all have to be stuck at home. Doing some activities and exercises is very important for our health and psychology. More importantly, it is to track the physical effort we spend using mobile applications and to work by setting goals. When setting goals, we can also challenge each other as if we were competing in a competition with our friends and family. The winner of such challenges will be our health and body.

In this article, we discussed the Fbute Token, Sweatcoins, and STEPN.

What is FBute?

Fbute is built on the BNB network. Fbute Token is revolutionary in its ability to convert calories into Fbute Tokens. Users can accept Google Health, Apple HealthKit, or Fitbit device connection to record calories burned. With this data, users get 1kcal = 1Fbute as coin reward. Once users start earning their coins, they will also have the option to keep the money in the digital world by purchasing NFTs and Metaverse add-ons. Fitlich, the companion app to Fbute, provides users with all the necessary exercises that any other fitness app has, and more. Fitlich has a screen sharing feature with a subscription feature that starts recording calories burned for a month and offers the user a “withdrawal” feature that converts calories to Fbute at the end of each month.

Fitlich, Fbute, NFT and Metaverse


Fitlich will soon begin hosting and trading NFT options on its platform, from training shoes to customized dumbbells that can be used in the virtual world. Because NFTs and Metaverse are the future of our digital platform. The Fitlich NFT store will accept Fbute tokens for clothing on the virtual avatar that the user portrays himself. Imagine walking on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in the morning and then spending an evening of fun escaping the zombies with your friends and family in a virtual New York City and burning all those important calories together. Fitlich is also on track to acquire partners in the nutrition industry to ensure safe transactions of Fbute from their supply in the Fitlich app store for nutritional products such as protein, shakes, apparel and more. The same items purchased in the store can be replicated in the virtual world when Fitlich makes the leap. Our users will also receive an additional three hundred Fbute tokens upon initial registration for their Fitlich subscription. Fbute developers decide to keep Fbute percentage for future airdrops for our valued users who show commitment and resilience every week.


Sweatcoins focuses on the health-conscious. It connects brands, insurers and even governments with health-conscious audiences. Sweatcoins developed the decathlon program in health innovation.

Sweatcoins’ way of working


The Decathlon app is a smartphone app that encourages physical activity by rewarding users with products and services. While one hour of learning and one hour of physical activity each week, all sessions were designed to be different from the previous session.

Decathlon is more of an app for people who don’t want to go to the gym. In addition, it also contains the necessary information for those who want to lose weight. Thanks to Decathlon, people can decide for themselves their lifestyle and diet. Decathlon’s aim is to try to increase the activity or exercise change in users by influencing them in an interesting way. Sweatcoins is implementing the Decathlon app with the NHS South West London Health & Care Partnership.

The Decathlon app randomly assigns users to groups and provides them with to-do lists regarding physical activity, training, and participation. Educational programs offered by Decathlon, e.g., points to learn about Low-carb eating, participate in a face-to-face physical session, or encourage other participants when they are not motivated.

Incentive mechanism

Decathlon NHS Merton has established a number of rewards and incentive programs with CCG. For example, if the theme of week 1 is home yoga exercises, the Decathlon offers yoga mats and equipment to its users. If the theme of week 2 is football, the app offers soccer balls and goalposts. The purpose of these rewards and incentives is to improve behaviour change by reinforcing learning. Finally, reward points earned in the app can also be donated to local charities.

What is STEPN

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. Users equipped with NFT Sneakers — level up and spend their new Sneakers. So, you earn GST while walking, running or jogging outdoors.


With its gaming feature move to earn, STEPN stimulates and motivates millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The player can choose to rent or sell their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace. Users’ GST earnings are stored in the wallet in the STEPN app with a built-in exchange function.

How to earn with STEPN

STEPN charges small taxes on in-app activities such as shoe printing and shoe rentals when trading NFT. All assets in the STEPN application are owned by individual users and most of the earnings in the application are made by the users.

Zero entry barrier

STEPN does not require people to own NFT assets for move to earn with its upcoming feature. Instead, they can rent from other users for free to get started, and their earnings are then split. With the STEPN app, non-crypto people can earn before they learn to use a decentralized wallet. This will also be their first step into the Web3 world.


Nowadays, when fitness and workout have become a trend, mobile fitness and workout applications are also getting popular day by day. In this article, we took a brief look at the applications where you can earn money or earn tokens while doing sports and staying fit.

While staying fit and healthy and burning calories by exercising with the Fitlich app, you earn the FBute Token offered by the app with the calories you burn. Sweatcoin’s Decathlon app encourages physical activity by rewarding its users with products and services, while NHS Merton has created a rewards and incentives program with CCG. STEPN is a lifestyle app operating on Web3. At STEPN, the player earns by choosing to rent or sell NFT sneakers on the in-app Marketplace.

As you can see, the 3 applications have unique differences. What we need to do is to earn more tokens by burning more calories.