A brief explanation of Fitlich Ecosystem; Fitlich App, $FBUTE, and Fitlanders NFT Project.

What is Fitlich? Fitlich is a fitness based application (move-to-earn) with a token integration ($FBUTE) for added benefit in order to incentivize users to keep up fitness routines with its social challenges whereby you can challenge friends and family for a competitive edge. Fitlichis based on calorific burning and has an integration benefit using smartwatches to capture the data.

With its token integration, Fitlich provides a real-world experience of moving to earn which is great to incentivize exercise and provide a fun factor to challenge friends with a wager involved. This is all already possible right now by downloading the app from your chosen app store, connecting to your health data and begin moving. To take Fitlich to the next level and to bring our user base of 32,000 a new element of incentivizing, we opened up a survey to ask the community what do they want to see next.

Gamification was the majority vote in the form of a Web3 open-world. To get started on this venture we set out the following plan; Fitlich has developed an initial NFT project in order to fund the next steps in the project. The next steps are to build the Web3 environment using the latest version of Unreal Engine to achieve the high graphic design the project envisions, this means creating the 3D modeled versions of the initial NFT released ‘Fitlanders’ for users to walk around and truly experience taking ownership of their character, this requires strong development work in order to achieve the standard we set, which will be where the majority of the initial mint will go to fund.


Other funds will go towards further creation of the 2nd NFT installment ‘FitEquip’ which will provide users the chance to mint a variant of equipment found in gyms or sporting facilities, these include but not limited to; Exercise bikes, treadmills, skates, skateboards & rowing boats. The FitEquip vehicle enhances the user’s ability to earn more $FBUTE during exercise periods and is a cool accessory to possess within the Web3 environment to travel around in.

After the second mint, a final minting process will provide users with the opportunity of owning a space in the Web3 environment, in the form of a home, apartment, gym facility or sports venue. These areas will be the hub of users’ Web3 environment providing a place to store collected items, view statistics, the map, the FitEquip & more.

The Fitlich community is currently standing at 32,000 users, setting on average 1,900 daily goals and challenges with over 4,000 interested in the initial NFT minting process. Of the ~4,000 who have now been asked to sign up with the whitelist program through a vetting process due to the limited number of total mint quantity (2,000) just 500 will be selected for the whitelist and to allow for everyone else interested 1,500 will be listed into the general sale after the whitelist period has ended.


The Fitlich community will be at the heart of all decisions going forward and have a dedicated board member to bring forth the community voted decisions on next steps & funding share in all parts of the project. Currently, the first decision from this was exchange listing for $FBUTE whereby a percentage of the initial mint will go to support this process.

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