What comes to mind when you hear the word exercise?

Maybe you’re sweating super on a 5k run, lifting dumbbells and kettlebells at the gym, or doing a bodyweight HIIT circuit. These are all great options to help improve cardiovascular health and build functional strength. However, these are not the only enjoyable and empowering forms of education.

Whether you’re back at the gym or not, maybe it’s always a good idea to mix up your workouts in your home — for both your body and your taste.


The problem is, we don’t often think of exercise as “countable” if it’s outside of the popular choices. That’s why people often think that exercise isn’t for them because they don’t like half an hour of running, squatting, or getting too tired from burpees. However, there is much more to moving than these few training styles.

But it’s never too late to try the challenge yourself.

You’ve probably heard from your friends the “I hate exercising” whine. Research shows that you don’t need to do traditional ‘exercise’ to reap the benefits of moving. It is possible to enjoy exercise. Instead of just focusing on the exercises you’ve been told and getting physical results as quickly as possible when you find something you love to do, start doing it right away.


Why It Is Important To Enjoy Exercise

Sure, you can accept that exercising isn’t just something you want to do and move on. But our body benefits of movement shouldn’t be overlooked.

Exercise does wonder not only for our heart health but also for our mental health. For example, a simple statistic that 15 minutes of running or one hour of walking a day can reduce depression by 26%.

Still, doing something you hate is counterproductive. For example, if you hate every second, you’re on the road, no run will improve your mental health. Instead of choosing something you think you should do, it’s good to focus on having fun, trying new things, and getting some action each day.

How We Enjoy Exercise

When you find a fun way for yourself, share it with your friends like a challenge. Try to challenge your friends around you periodically. For example, 7 days or 14 days. It all depends on you and your friends. It is in your hands to turn this into a fun and game, to be healthier and fitter.


By downloading the health and fitness app Fitlich, you can turn your challenges into a rewarding activity for yourself and those around you.

Fitlich is now available on Google Play and App Store.

The Mediterranean diet meets all criteria for health. So much so that there is convincing evidence that it is effective in preventing heart attack, stroke and premature death. The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. The Mediterranean diet contains small amounts of red meat or processed meat. It recommends more cheese and wine consumption compared to meat.


Physical activity is also essential for health. Regular physical activity can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer, depression and falls. Regular physical activity increases body endurance, sleep quality and prepares the environment for a healthy sexual life.


Try to take a brisk walk every week. Even if you do not set a time limit for yourself in the first place, do your next activities regularly and on time. Download the health and fitness app Fitlich to track your workouts and be healthy and fit. Let Fitlich follow you for you. Be fit and healthy too. With Fitlich applications, you gain balance, bone health, blood sugar control and mobility. Fitlich is now available on Google Play.

Given the link between stress and various disorders, finding ways to reduce stress is another strategy that can help you stay healthy. There are many ways to beat stress. One of the first ways that come to mind is meditation. Create your awareness, do yoga and vacation.


Finally, get on well with your doctor. Because if something happens to your health, a doctor who knows you will be your biggest helper.