The number of mobile fitness application users surrounding our digital world is increasing day by day. With the pandemic, mobile fitness apps have become an accessible tool for many users to exercise and stay fit. On the other hand, users identify some applications they downloaded as a psychological factor themselves. For this reason, it is a known situation that many installed fitness applications are deleted without using them. The digital world is constantly expanding and growing. However, users find it difficult to find suitable applications for them. In this article, I will examine in detail the Fitlich app that I love and the FBute Token, which is expected to enter the cryptocurrency market soon by the Fitlich app.

I. Overview of the Fitlich app

Fitlich app is a fitness application that explains more than 200 exercises with visual, written and short videos. When you download the Fitlich application, it is possible to access the exercises without registering to the application. If you register for the application, you can have advantages for FBute Token, which I will explain below.

The first feature that caught my attention in the application was the multi-language support. Another feature, the ability to challenge friends or family, was where it differed from many apps. On the other hand, the app’s ready-made challenges make a lot of sense for those who don’t know what they want to do.

After downloading Fitlich, I started inviting my friends. Then I compared the Free and Premium memberships. Each accepted invite earns me 50 FBute Tokens, while five per cent of the coins earned by my friends are also loaded into my wallet. The Wallet feature is only available to Premium users. Like many other apps, ads do not appear when the user is Premium. In the free membership, as I mentioned in my previous article, you have the chance to earn 5 FBute Tokens per day, while in the Premium membership this goes up to 10 Fbute Tokens. Of course, this amount of coins is the upper limit that can be earned by doing the exercises in the app. Otherwise, with the integration of Google Fit or Health Kit, the calories you burn while walking and running turn into crypto money.

Premium users incur a transfer fee when transferring the equivalent of the FBute Token loaded into their wallets. That is the nature of the business. Since Fitlich is a user-friendly app, it is a good feature to sell transfer credits to users to avoid this extra cost. For free users, all workouts can be viewed for free.

II. What does FBute Token do?

In my other two articles, I researched mobile apps that offer users cryptocurrency/tokens with exercise/steps. I tested many mobile apps by downloading them to my smartphone and tablet. Of these apps, clearly the most useful was Fitlich. In this article, I want to write about FBute Token offered to users by Fitlich.

FBute, above all, is a stimulant that motivates users who do sports and want to stay fit. FBute is a cryptocalorie system built on the Solana network. The calories burned by users are recorded with Google Fit, Apple Health Kit or Fitbit tracker, which integrates with Fitlich. The saved data is given by Fitlich to users as a Fbute Token reward.

NFTs and the Metaverse universe, which are seen as the future of the digital age, seem to pave the way for many creations. Many mobile apps are in a hurry to find a place in this universe.

According to the whitepaper posted on Fbute’s official site, the Fitlich NFT Store will open at the end of 2022. The Fitlich store will accept FBute Tokens for virtual avatar outfits where users picture themselves.


III. FBute Architecture

According to the white report, FBute managed to create a full supply of 10 billion coins. We now know that as users burn calories, calories burned are converted into FBute markers. The Fitlich app charges a very small nominal transaction fee as calories are converted into coins. Fitlich also calculated the maximum caloric load he could burn to avoid deviations in earning coins. It is 300 Kcal per user. I think the developers of Fitlich put a very logical limitation.

The FBute coin supply is segmented to maximize benefits for all users using the network. As Fitlich is a community driven and community rewarding app, a similar segmentation has been done on Fbute Token. Accordingly, 9 billion tokens were allocated to the Fbute community, ie Fitlich users. A portion of the remaining one billion coins is reserved for investors and brokers. A small part of it was designed and implemented as an application bonus. The so-called referral bonus is reserved for superusers, fitness trainers, personal trainers, and users with a large clientele. The rest is dedicated to the team that created and developed Fitlich & FBute and made improvements.


Fitlich is a mobile application developed to see and fill the cryptocalorie gap in the fitness market. In addition to its Cryptocalorie feature, it also closely follows the developments in the digital world. An example is the availability of digital clothing usable with NFTs and FBute Tokens. In this context, Fitlich and FBute seem to aim to be a pioneer in the Metaverse by bringing a new perspective to the concept of exercise.


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