In this article, I will continue to examine the relationship between token, fitness and step-taking, which I tried to explain in my previous article, and mobile apps. In this article, I will also include Sweatcoins, Fitlich and STEPN, three apps that I reviewed in my previous article. Of course, this time I will be more critical.

Our bodies are ready and we crave exercise or walking and running. All we need right now is a mobile app to save our data. But this mobile app must first be an app that should be user friendly. Workouts should provide support and even make money. Or do I blow this app up out of proportion?

I will focus on the positive and negative aspects of quite a lot of applications.

I. Fitlich App

First of all, I would like to take a closer look at the Fitlich app and tell you about it.

When you download the Fitlich app, you must first register with the application with an SMS code or with memberships such as Google / Facebook.

The first feature that caught my attention in the application was the multi-language support. Another feature, the ability to challenge your friends or family, was the point where it separated from many applications. On the other hand, the ready-made challenges offered by the application are quite logical for those who do not know what they want to do.


After installing Fitlich, I started inviting my friends. Then I compared the Free and Premium memberships. Each accepted invite earns me 50 FBute Tokens, while five percent of the tokens earned by my friends are also loaded into my wallet. The wallet feature is only available to Premium users. Like many other apps, ads do not appear when the user is Premium. In the free membership, as I mentioned in my previous article, you have the chance to win 5 FBute Tokens per day, while in the Premium membership this goes up to 10 Fbute Tokens. Of course, this amount of coins is the upper limit that can be earned by doing the exercises in the app. Otherwise, the calories you burn while walking and running with Google Fit or Health Kit integration turn into crypto money.

Premium users are faced with a transfer fee when transferring the equivalent of the FBute Token loaded into their wallets. It’s the nature of the business. Since Fitlich is a user-friendly application, it is a good feature to sell transfer credits to users to avoid this extra cost. For free users, all workouts can be viewed for free.

II. Reviewing of Other Apps


STEPN’s application interface seemed very simple to me. It is also possible to earn money from STEPN. On the other hand, each user must buy one Sneaker to earn money using this app. This requires an expenditure of approximately $1000. In short, if you spend money first, then STEPN is willing to give you money!

However, logging into STEPN is not easy either. It was a little too hard for me. After the activation code directs you to discord or telegram, you can only log in to the application with a link given to you by STEPN. It doesn’t make much sense to spend $1000 to make money on STEPN, while you can make money by burning calories at Fitlich.

2. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an app that earns you money by walking. However, the language support in the application was not enough for me, frankly. This part should be improved. In addition, it is possible to earn money in this application. However, you can only spend the money you earn by buying the goods in the shop offered to the user by the application. Because Sweatcoins cannot offer a cryptocurrency infrastructure to the user. Therefore, no matter how much money accumulates in your account, it is impossible to turn it into cash. Another downside is that, as I mentioned above, the app relies only on exercise. Compared to Fitlich, which offers over 200 workouts to free users, Sweatcoin falls short.

3. CaloRun

CaloRun also has a Fitlich-like challenge infrastructure. However, in order to participate in these challenges, you need to pay first, like Sweatcoin. In short, another application that does not give without buying.

4. Cash for Steps

Like Sweatcoin, this app was developed just to take a step. I could not see the cryptocurrency and exercise infrastructure in this application.



This app obviously looked good at first glance. However, after downloading the application, when I entered my phone number to log in, the activation code did not come. I’m still waiting for the code! You can also challenge in this application.


In the mobile application world, fitness and health applications are very fashionable. However, it is not always easy to choose the most useful and profitable application for the user. The main motivation for me to write this article is to help users who do fitness and try to stay healthy. Some of the other apps I’ve reviewed outside of Fitlich ask for the user’s money first in order to monetize. Again, the content of the applications and the themes they give to the users are very limited. Fitlich, on the other hand, seems to offer a whole new world to the user. Chance to challenge with your friends. More than 200 healthy exercises and more. Integration with Google and Apple. Multi-language support. Option to earn money while burning calories. I don’t think there is any other application that has them all together.