Fitlanders sets out to create a retro Japanese arcade themed virtual fitness world whereby users from all across the globe can commune, workout, play games & buy/sell virtual/real-world products. Fitlanders will be the first project in the 3-part series of NFT mints which will provide minters exclusive unique avatar’s (T=2000) that will be 3D rendered into a fully functioning virtual character. This Fitlander can then be used to explore the Fitland world using part-2 of the minting series ‘the FitEquip’ which enables people to travel the world via various unique vehicles.

The project team in collaboration with our in-house artists have created 2,000 unique Fitlander Avatars available for use within the FitLand virtual world. The Fitlanders are created using a series of unique attributes, these attributes are the elements of the NFT that make up the rarity of the Fitlander in which rewards, airdrops and accesses will be attributed to, for example rare Fitlanders will receive more in terms of reward and accessibility than a Fitlander containing common attributes.


The Fitlanders mint will comprise of 500 whitelist entrants of whom are dedicated super-users of the Fitlich application and active community members in Discord/Telegram/Other social media channels. Once minting is complete, the Fitlanders will enter the second phase of development into 3D rendered avatars which will be used within the Fitland virtual-world. The project seeks to maintain loyal users and wants to encourage a ‘holding system’ whereby Fitlanders can be staked in order to receive rewards in the form of $FBUTE airdrops to active holders during phases throughout the year, this incentive will hopefully maintain the rarity in secondary sales and really encourage users to hold their NFT to maximise passive-income, airdrops & access the Whitelist of the 2nd-minting event, the FitEquip.

FitEquip will provide the ability of faster travelling in the FitLand virtual world whilst providing you with $FBUTE boosts based on the energy the FitEquip contains as the FitEquip requires daily charging (burndown). Each FitEquip has different features and attributes which dictate the $FBUTE boosts & burndown rates.

FitLand will have many residencies to provide you with various different places to store, explore and socialise with friends and family. This will be your own home to navigate all your owned assets, looted items and trading platform to sell/buy assets you own to other users in the FitLand virtual world. The types of residencies will of course be different in their attributes with rare homes that provide more space and more freedom to modify & customise how you want it to be as well as less rare homes that would be smaller and less ability to customise.


Fitlanders is designed around a retro themed Japanese arcade dystopian world whereby unhealthy lifestyles, sickness & control ravages the world of it’s beauty. Underground fitness zones, hidden gyms & secret meet-ups are dotted all over the world and extremely frowned upon by the leaders of the world, it is the Fitlanders mission to find, exercise and remain healthy enough to eventually escape into a new healthier world. The social aspect of the world is what is really important, the project team believes teamwork is of paramount importance in order to escape and there you will find many socially engaging games, events and challenges to complete, compete and team-up to defeat enemies in the FitLand virtual world.

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